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Vocabmonk brings you a unique product which revolutionizes vocabulary building techniques.Our researchers have analyzed extensively and segmented English vocabulary for a better learning experience for students. Vocabmonk.com is a free website for subscription and is powered by innovative functionality. Students enrolling at Vocabmonk, not only learn and review their knowledge, they also get a range of analytical features which help them in assessment of their progress in a time bound fashion.


Institute Benefits

This product changes the way students learn vocabulary using flash cards and hand-out. In Collaborative Institute Affiliation program our team unlocks enhanced features for the product. Now they are empowered by the following:


  • Enhanced analytical planning tool for the students.
  • Specialized and intensive courses meant for students having different time schedules. This feature adapts according to the time table of the subscriber.
  • Exclusive follow-up features enabled for better learning assistance for the students.
  • An online virtual assistant that leverages from cutting edge mobility features. Hence student may access vocabmonk at any time from any where.
  • Lucrative revenue model that team Vocabmonk provides to the Institutes.

Collaborative mode

A dedicated instance powered by multiple features apart from the basic features present in the Beta release will be given to the institutes.

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