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General English

Words are the only things that last forever. - William Hazlitt.

English, the global language connecting people and the hearts across all borders, is incomplete as long as you have a dynamic armoury of words.

The way "I love you" sounds more beautiful in english than in any other language, is a firm testimony of why it is "The language" to master.

Whether you want to break your shell to fly in global corporate world, or you dream to prove your mettle on global academic platform, or you are an aspiring author who wants to have authority on readers minds, you cannot ignore your vocabulary.

Vocabmonk brings an indispensable collection of well categorised words to put in your mind, limited but very crucial. We have made, rather created something amazing, a system, what we call "Virtual Assistant" to your vocabulary to make sure you grasp each of of them.

Vocabilty tells you how far you are from hitting almost perfection. (They Say no one is perfect, but we bring you damn close).