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You’re our campus ambassador if you are aspiring to be an entrepreneur, a leader, a student with a burning desire to leave a mark on the world. This is a great opportunity for you to brush-up your managerial and leadership skills before entering the corporate world.


About the opportunity

You’ll be the face of brand Vocabmonk in your college/ campus for a period of 4 months. You’ll be expected to work on the following things during the course of the internship:


  • Promotion of Vocabmonk on online platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc) through regular status updates and other innovative content.
  • Starting & running a VocabMonk club/ English literary society in your college with a membership of at least 10 people initially; having weekly meetings; discussions & debates about anything under the sun. This would also entail recording short & innovative videos with your clique for the purpose of putting it on our website.
  • Executing Vocabmonk’s Promotion projects in your campus.
  • Organizing & promoting events/quizzes in your campus on behalf of Vocabmonk (we would provide back-end support).
  • Keeping Vocabmonk informed about the campus events & festivals and recommending & facilitating prospective associations.

What you gain out of the internship:

  • A chance to learn the nuances of online & offline marketing and project management.
  • A chance to hone your leadership, networking & interpersonal skills.
  • A better vocabulary making you a better writer & communicator.
  • A certificate and Letter of Recommendation.
  • Cool Vocabmonk goodies and merchandise.

You can apply if:

  1. You are a student. Yes, even high school students are welcome.
  2. You have a fairly good network in your college.
  3. You have a decent set of communication skills.
  4. You think you are a leader and can manage a team effectively.
  5. If you have coordinated events earlier in college/school.

Please don’t apply if you just want to add one more bullet point to the extra-curricular section of your CV.

So, if you think you fit the bill, then fill the form below.