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Our Story

The concept of VocabMonk crossed my mind when I was preparing for competitive exams like GMAT, CAT, etc. To be honest, I could never develop an affinity for reading or writing until my high school days. And even then, I wasn't such an avid reader. So naturally, when I was prepping for GRE, and later on for GMAT, CAT, etc, it was a gigantic task to build a sufficient vocabulary to crack these exams. My friends & acquaintances faced a similar problem.

There were no dedicated websites available at that time which focused on vocabulary enhancing. So I had to rely on age-old methods like cramming the dictionary, using flashcards, and word-lists. Not only were these methods quite ineffective, but boring as well. I also started reading voraciously, but there’s only so much one can read.

So I saw this void and wanted to make vocabulary learning a less tedious process. The idea was not only to build a website for vocabulary building but to make it really personalized so that users with different vocabulary levels could come and take a structured approach, not only to crack entrance exams, but also to be better writers and communicators. And that is how Vocabmonk came into being.



Founder & CEO

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn" - Benjamin Franklin

Our goal is to make Vocabmonk a one-stop shop for personalized vocabulary building. The emphasis is on following a personalized approach. And while the short-term motive might be to assist you in acing the vocabulary section of competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, CAT, SAT, etc, but the long term goal is to make you a better writer and communicator.

Using eclectic vocabulary building tools, we attempt to create an easy-to-use virtual assistant that constantly gauges and analyzes your performance, and focuses on your weak areas. We want to alleviate the problems faced by millions of vocabulary aspirants, viz. memory retention, absence of an adaptive learning tool, and the excruciating process of mastering the English language.

Our Vision

Our Team


Co-Founder | CEO

Vidhatanand is an IT graduate, a cyberpunk, a technopreneur and the Institutor to Vocabmonk. Having several years of indulgence in web technologies, he has worked as a development lead for Highwire Press, Stanford University architecting technology behind some of the world's largest Scientific Journals. He strongly believes in intelligent learning systems and is determined to make Artificial Intelligence ubiquitous to e-learning. He is also a known evangelist in the open-source Drupal community in India. Meditates on Hare Krishna Chants and is passionate programmer by heart.


Co-Founder, Head of Strategy and Product Design.

An avid reader, Deepasha can gobble up a book a day with ease. Her topmost pet peeve is a language not spoken well. Along with being a top student, she also is extremely creative and design-oriented. Armed with a Masters in Finance and Economics from Warwick Business School, Deepasha set out on a journey towards entrepreneurship. On the way, she worked in Market Research and started her own Events Company which grew enormously in the first year itself. But her passion for the cerebral kept her in the hunt. VocabMonk is an endeavor to combine her passion for language and design sensibilities to its apex.

Vaibhav Kakkar

Co-Founder | Marketing Director

Vaibhav Kakkar aged 27 is a serial entrepreneur and innovator. He drives the marketing strategies at vocabmonk. He was an early web pioneer as a young student learning to understand how to monetize the Internet and reach global audiences. Having mastered ‘the world of Google’, he moved to develop an online marketing performance business (www.seonext.co.uk) that now employs over 250 people in India serving over 800 customers in the US, UK, and Australia. Vaibhav acts as an active ‘Angel Investor’ and has several interests in a range of online businesses from the biggest Microsoft Excel related website on the planet(www.excelforum.com) that has over 150,000 unique visitors every day and 3.9m unique visitors per month to Rankwatch, an online website ranking platform. Vaibhav graduated with a Computer Engineering degree in 2007. He is passionate about fast cars, and wants to travel to every corner of this planet.

Shampa Thakur

Subject Matter Expert

Shampa Graduated from Stratford University with specialization in Management. She loves innovation and is passionate about writing. She has over 4 years of teaching experience specializing in English, including training for exams like GRE/GMAT/CAT/SAT/IELTS/TOEFL and has recognized and proven expertise in ensuring delivery of methodological learning.

Ribhav Dhingra

Junior Founding Member

Ribhav Dhingra, a student and Head Boy at Delhi Public School RK puram is the youngest member of the team. A lover of Pink Floyd and Breaking Bad, he has a strong inclination towards theater. People skills is his forte and he provides a students perspective to VocabMonk.

Avishek Singh

Back-End Developer

Avishekh handles the gigantic task of back-end development which is one of the most critical cogs in the Vocabmonk machinery. Give him the algorithms to implement and he will turn into a restless soul until the task is done.

Kush Varma

Front End Developer

Kush is the sculptor who gives shape to what you are seeing and using right now on Vocabmonk. A brilliant techie and Linux freak, he keeps himself completely updated with what’s happening in the tech world. He can predict tech trends much before TechCrunch writes an article about it.

Abhinav Sharma

Content & Community Manager

Abhinav handles content marketing and community interactions at Vocabmonk. He is an avid reader and a cinephile. He also calls himself a traveler, but Goa is the farthest place he has been to. His motto in life is to have as many diverse experiences as possible and therefore he tries to venture into anything and everything.

Nirmal Kumar


Nirmal a.k.a. Zango,a MAC user lover, Fashion Design Graduate from NIFT, one of India’s premier design schools by education but volunteered to Graphic/Web designing with his passion and interest towards Digital Media. Apart from designing he loves Travelling & also learning Guitar to become a Rockstar!


Creative and Content writer

Aditya writes and writes; an ardent word-lover. Majority of the content, courses, and word-lists have been written and compiled by him. He loves to sketch, and when not doing something for Vocabmonk, he is busy editing his first upcoming novel.

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